The library is now installed in the Norfolk Record Office and you are very welcome to come and use it.

The new bookcases and shelves are not the same size as in The Close, so we are arranging the collection in a different way. For instance, we have been adjusting the collection so that county runs are no longer split over several book cases and we have almost finished this reorganising. Each item in the library has its own number and shelf position as in The Close. Now they need to be updated not just on the website catalogue but also physically so they can be returned to their new positions in the NRO.

Since our appeal for help at the January meeting a few people have come to help and we are very grateful, but we would welcome more people to offer time when we are there, Monday and Thursday mornings, to help us do this since we cannot do this on our own. It does not have to be on such a regular basis but you would find it easier and more interesting if you could offer several times a month for instance. If you can help please contact me at or at our meetings.

Thank you very much.

Judy Sims, Hon Librarian