Dr Sarah Inskip, Cambridge University/Leicester University,

Life In¬†Medieval Cambridge. Results of the ‘After the Plague’ Project

January 9th 2021

Dr Inskip, School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester, and formerly of the Cambridge University, will speak on ‘Life In Medieval Cambridge. Results of the ‘After the Plague’ Project

This a multi-disciplinary research project focused on the St. John’s Hospital cemetery, a medieval burial ground excavated by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit in 2010, with an aim to learn more about health, life, and death among the medieval urban poor – particularly during the bubonic plague epidemic known as the Black Death. Through a multidisciplinary bioarchaeological approach, which has subprojects in genetics, isotopic analyses, palaeopathology, geometric morphometrics, osteoarchaeology, and archaeology, we investigate the short and long term biological and social consequences of this catastrophe on the population of Cambridge.

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